The Benefits Of Using A Foam Mattress

The Benefits Of Using A Foam Mattress

If you’re currently in need of a new mattress, you’ve probably heard all about foam mattresses. As an increasingly popular alternative to spring mattresses, they are known for their comfort and support, relieving pressure points and promoting better sleep. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the many benefits that foam mattresses offer and the different types to choose from, depending on your needs.

Types Of Foam Mattresses

With the variety of foam mattresses in the market, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to decide which option works best for your individual sleep needs. That’s why we’ve put together a breakdown of the most common types to help you make the best choice for a comfortable rest.

Memory Foam

Often regarded as the highest standard, memory foam mattresses are made from polyurethane materials. They are designed to slowly mould to your body shape, providing quality support as you sleep. Moreover, these mattresses always return to their original shape when not being used, ensuring maximum comfort and lifespan. As an ergonomic mattress, it’s the perfect solution for pressure point relief.

At the core of every 10:PM mattress is our PowerSupport HD and ComfortFlex layers. The PowerSupport HD foam is a dense foam layer that provides strong support, ensuring perfect body alignment for sleepers. This is assisted by the ComfortFlex layer that is designed to reduce sinkage and sagging while still contouring to your body and alleviating pressure points.

Our 10:01 Mattress with PowerSupport HD (Blue) & ComfortFlex (Orange)

Gel-infused Foam

As the name suggests, gel-infused foam mattresses use gel materials in their construction. This layer of gel provides extra support for your body and are designed to draw away heat, balancing body temperature as you sleep. Our 10:02 and 10:03 mattresses feature a DNA MemoryGel layer, which, when compressed, delivers a sleep surface that enhances pressure relief while also reducing heat.

Latex Foam

Made from rubber tree sap, latex mattresses are positioned as a more natural alternative to other foam materials. They are known for their durability and natural resistance to dust mites, mould and other forms of allergens. Their design also encourages breathability, increasing airflow and assisting with heat circulation while sleeping.

Pros Of Using A Foam Mattress

Now that you’ve got a better idea of the types of foam mattresses to choose from, it’s time to dive into the benefits they offer.  

  1. Pressure Point Relief

Foam mattresses, especially memory foam, are designed to better adjust to your body shape than traditional spring mattresses. This provides better relief for pressure points, regardless of your sleeping position, and ensures you feel more refreshed when waking up.

  1. Reduced Partner Disturbance

Foam mattresses excel at absorbing motion thanks to their cell structure acting as shock absorbers for any surface movement. Moreover, the lack of springs can also reduce the chances of noise made while moving on the bed. This is perfect if you have a restless sleeping partner, allowing uninterrupted rest, especially if you are a light sleeper.

  1. Durability

Foam mattresses are made from premium materials that offer long-lasting durability and support. In particular, the natural sagging that occurs in traditional mattresses is reduced. In fact, if properly maintained, your foam mattress can last for upwards of ten years.

Find A Mattress That Fits You

Foam mattresses can offer a wide range of benefits for your sleep needs. Moreover, with a variety of types to choose, there’s a good chance that you can find a mattress that fits your comfort level. At 10PM, we offer a premium range of foam mattresses that incorporate in-house high-quality materials and construction to ensure maximum support.

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