The Top TV Romances We Wanted to Happen But Never Did

The Top TV Romances We Wanted to Happen But Never Did

This Valentines Day, Australian mattress in a box brand 10:PM has harnessed the power of AI to bring together the on-screen romances we were all rooting for!

We’ve all wished for cupid to show up and point his bow and arrow in the direction of a special someone. And as it turns out, many of our deepest and darkest desires focus on our favourite onscreen role models.

There is no greater arc than the strangers to lover’s storyline, but what about the narratives we thought we’re bound to end up as true love but instead left us languishing about what could have been.

Enter Australian out of the box mattress brand, 10:PM. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, and with a little help from the magic of AI, 10:PM have brought some of your favourite fictional on-screen couples into bed with them.

So, who are our favourite TV couples that never quite were?

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully – The X Files

The truth may be out there, but the X Files left fans guessing over Mulder and Scully's relationship for 11 seasons.

It took seven seasons for them to finally share a kiss and whilst they may have shared a night or two together, a more intimate relationship between the two characters was never fully uncovered.


Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane – Game of Thrones

It was a relationship that was heavily teased throughout the hit HBO show, but sadly never came to be. Tormund’s infatuation with Brienne began from the moment they met and his many attempts to win her over left audiences shipping their pair as ‘Tarthbane’.

In the end, Brienne sadly never returned Tormund’s interest and instead fell for Jaime Lannister. And with how that relationship ended, it only makes the fact this couple never got together even sadder. 


Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier– The Walking Dead

As two of The Walking Dead fans’ favourite characters, it’s surprising that a Carol and Daryl romance has been subject to so much controversy. The two have always enjoyed a close, sometimes flirtatious, but mostly, completely platonic relationship which has left fans divided on whether they should actually get together.

After 11 seasons, Daryl and Carol quite literally remained the two OGs of the show and has only increased fans rooting for them to get together in the end or perhaps in another spin-off. Maybe these two could still be post-apocalyptic soulmates?


Don Draper and Joan Harris– Mad Men

Joan Holloway is one of Mad Men's most compelling characters and not to mention beloved by fans, but sadly ends the series single – leaving many fans to question could Joan and Don have been end game goals?

From a purely aesthetic perspective, a relationship between Don and Joan could have been perfection. On top of that, Don and Joan are always great when they're together.

So why not say l do to a new mattress this Valentine’s Day? Just like some of the on-screen characters we love have done, thanks to 10:PM!

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