At 10:PM,we're putting sustainability front and centre of our company.

We're constantly updating our materials and packaging to reduce our carbon footprint, making it a top priority every step of the way.

10:01 Mattress

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10:03 Mattress

Local Manufacturing

By making our mattresses here in Australia instead of overseas, and working as efficiently as possible, we can keep our emissions and impact a whole lot lower than some of our competitors.

Extending our Mattress Lifespan

Our beds are crafted to ensure you enjoy years of restful nights.

When it's time to part ways, we recycle the foam from your used mattress, repurposing it as carpet underlay.

We're continually exploring ways to increase the biodegradability of our components, minimising our waste impact. Additionally, if your 10:PM mattress is lightly used, we'll ensure it finds a new home with someone in need.


ocean recycled plastic bottles have been turned into a good nights sleep

(and counting!)

Mattresses Covers Made With Sustainable Materials

Each 10:PM mattress cover contains at least 29 ocean recycled plastic bottles.

Covers are spun from soft sustainable SeaQual® Yarn and TENCEL™. SeaQual is a premium, earth-friendly yarn made from recycled plastic bottles gathered from the ocean.

Each Queen 10:PM bed prevents at least 29 plastic bottles from polluting the planet’s waterways. TENCEL™ is a sustainably grown plant-based fibre, known for combining comfort with low environmental impact.

    • Reduced Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
    • Improved Air Quality
    • Enhanced Comfort and Support
    • Temperature Regulation
    • Allergy and Sensitivity Relief
    • Longevity and Durability