A Quick & Easy Guide To Australian Mattress Sizes

A Quick & Easy Guide To Australian Mattress Sizes

Picking the right mattress can make all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. However, with the variety of mattresses that are available, it can sometimes seem a bit confusing to find the perfect fit for your bed. At 10:PM, we understand that comfort and support are something that you just can’t compromise on. That’s why we’ve put together this mattress size guide to provide you with all the information you need for a restful slumber.

Breakdown of Bed & Mattress Sizes

From snug singles to spacious kings, there’s a mattress for every bedroom. Here’s a breakdown of each of the standard Australian mattress sizes, with their dimensions available in both centimetres and inches.

  • Single: At 92cm x 188cm (36" x 74"), the single mattress is perfect for solo sleepers and kids' rooms. It will also be a good choice for a guest's room. 
  • King Single: Slightly wider and longer, the king single measures 107cm x 203cm (42" x 80"), offering extra room without overwhelming your space.
  • Double: With a comfortable 138cm x 188cm (54" x 74") size, the double mattress is an excellent choice for couples seeking a cozy sleep space.
  • Queen: Measuring 153cm x 203cm (60" x 80"), the queen mattress is a popular choice for couples who value a bit more room to stretch.
  • King: For those who want spacious luxury, the king mattress offers ample space at 183cm x 203cm (72" x 80").


Mattress Size Width x Length (cm) Width x Length (in)
Single 92 x 188cm 36 x 74"
King Single 107 x 203cm 42 x 80"
Double 138 x 188cm 54 x 74"
Queen 153 x 203cm 60 x 80"
King 183 x 203cm 72 x 80"


Factors To Consider When Buying Your Mattress

When investing in a new mattress, there are several important factors to consider beyond the size and dimensions. It’s a choice that should be based on your unique needs and preferences, as well as the functionality of your current living space. While some of these factors may seem obvious, they can all have a significant impact on making the right decision and improving your sleep quality in the process.

  1. Sleeping Preferences: Do you share the bed with a partner, kids or pets? Understanding how you and your companions sleep is essential for buying the right mattress.
  2. Room Size: No one wants to buy a mattress only to find out they can’t fit it through the door. While you might be thinking about choosing the largest mattress for maximum comfort, it’s essential to strike a balance with the dimensions of your bedroom. On the other hand, an undersized mattress may leave you feeling like you need more space to stretch your legs.
  3. Sleeping Positions: Your preferred sleeping positions can also affect your bed choice. If you frequently move around while you sleep, a larger mattress should be more accommodating. On the other hand, a smaller mattress is perfect for those who tend to sleep in one position.
  4. Lifestyle: Do you read, watch TV, or even work while you’re in bed? Thinking about how you use your bed in daily life, beyond just the simple act of sleeping, can impact what mattress size you’ll find most comfortable.

The Right Mattress For You

Selecting the right mattress size for your bed is a crucial step in ensuring comfort and quality sleep. At 10:PM, our mattresses come in various sizes, ranging from the classic Single to King. What’s more, they each come in a box, making transportation easy for even the largest of mattress sizes. Whether you’re a single uni student, or a family that’s just moved into a home, we’re sure to have a mattress that meets your needs. View our full range of 10:PM foam mattresses today.

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